The Sweetest Thing: Hints And Tips For Organising A Confectionery Bar At Your Wedding Reception

7 July 2017
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Planning a wedding reception is always a complicated process, and one of the most pressing concerns for any future bride and groom is keeping their guests properly fed (if only to soak up all the alcohol). However, the seemingly endless tables of generic buffet items served at many receptions aren't exactly exhilarating, and many couples prefer to add a more distinctive touch to their reception spread.

With that in mind, wedding reception confectionery bars are becoming more and more popular, and a well-planned, properly arranged candy bar at your reception can truly wow your guests, as well as giving them something sweet to remember your day by. However, creating a confectionery bar for your reception requires a little forethought and organisation, so make sure to ask yourself the following questions during the planning process:

Is there enough confectionery for all guests?

You will want to make sure that your candy bar is properly stocked, so purchasing enough candy to go around is paramount. However, simply going down to your local shop and clearing out their confectionery supplies will hit you hard in the wallet, so you should purchase your confectionery from a wholesale confectionery supplier. Most wholesale suppliers offer bulk candy purchases to the public at rates far lower than those on the high street, and may even include delivery for particularly large orders.

When it comes to how much candy you should purchase, it's generally better to deliberately overestimate the appetites of your guests. Any leftover candy at the end of the night can easily be used to fill out favours and party bags, and the candy you don't manage to shift will keep far longer than more perishable wedding food choices.

Are there sugar-free options available?

It's highly likely that at least some of your guests won't be able to enjoy your confectionery to the full, such as diabetics and people on restricted diets. Keeping a smaller supply of low-sugar or sugar-free candy on hand for these people is highly recommended to make sure everyone feels welcome at your reception, and special sugar-free options (such as diabetic chocolate) are available from most candy wholesalers. Sugar-free confectionery can also be handy if you expect children to attend your reception, as it gives them sweets to gorge upon that won't turn them into hyperactive monsters.

Will the confectionery bar be attractive?

Let's be honest; if you just slapped down a huge bowl of chocolates on a table and left it at that, there would probably be no complaints. However, you'll probably want to add a little more flair and aesthetic value to the arrangement of your candy bar.

The first way to make your confectionery bar more attractive is with the use of containers to keep everything organised — glass jars akin to those seen in traditional sweet shops are a highly popular choice, but any kind of sturdy, attractive container will do. Sealed containers are ideal for keeping your bar hygienic and preventing any messy and embarrassing spills.

Secondly, you should make sure that the candy itself is attractive. Once again, confectionery wholesalers are the way to go here, as these businesses stock distinctive confectionery items such as same-colour candy, personalised rock candy and even intricate sugar sculptures.